Vélo de montagne
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When to ride

When is the best time of year to hit the mountain bike trails in the Quebec City region? The season usually begins in May, during the National Patriots' Day weekend (Journée nationale de Patriotes), and ends in October during the Thanksgiving holiday. Of course, the beginning and end of biking activities depend on the melting of the snow and the amount of precipitation. This is why it is important to consult the websites of mountain bike centres to find out about the condition of the trails and the opening hours.

Vélo de montagne

During the months of June, July and August, mountain biking season is in full swing in the Quebec City area. But in the fall, enthusiasts are treated to a festival of colours, as the deciduous forests transform.

Throughout the season, cyclists can expect variable weather conditions, with temperatures ranging from chilly to hot and humid. In summer, the Humidex* factor must also be taken into account.

The best way to make the most of your outings is to get informed about local conditions and be well prepared by choosing suitable clothing and equipment.

*Humidex factor

Humidex is a measurement used to reflect the combined feeling of heat and humidity. It is particularly relevant during the summer in Quebec, where the humidity can be quite high. The higher the Humidex, the more stuffy the heat and humidity combined can feel. For example, a typical summer day in Quebec might have an actual temperature of 25°C, but with high humidity, the Humidex might make the temperature feel like 30°C or higher. This is why it is important to take the Humidex into account when planning outdoor activities during the summer in Quebec, as the heat felt can be significantly higher than the actual temperature.

Approximate temperatures from May to October

Québec City region










Days with precipitation

Quantity of precipitation

Average daily hours of sunshine

May 12°C 17°C 6°C 14 days 90 mm 14.5 hours
June 17°C 23°C 11°C 14 days 100 mm 15.5 hours
July 20°C 25°C 15°C 13 days 100 mm 15.5 hours
August 19°C 24°C 14°C 14 days 100 mm 14.5 hours
September 13°C 18°C 8°C 14 days 100 mm 12.5 hours
October 8°C 12°C 3°C 14 days 90 mm 10 hours